Ever wondered what summarizes a great event long after its actual day? Your big day will probably last a couple of hours, but having great pictures taken keeps the event fresh in your mind. 

Lots of people own capable smartphones nowadays and so you might easily get such pictures for later reference. However, it is event photographers who take the trophy when it comes to quality professional photos. That’s why it is best to get in touch with one prior to the big day. 

Events photography in Kenya is not new. In fact, it has really evolved, with competitors in the market working so hard to outdo each other and win you over. Currently, there are great professional events photographers in Kenya who will capture the emotions, special moments, and other details and deliver classy pictures that everyone will love and want to share.


Image by Clinet Media; Events Photography

Here are some of the events where such kind of photography is essential:

  • Corporate events
  • Tradeshows
  • Work-related meetings
  • Conferences
  • Private parties
  • Live concerts
  • Product launches

Obviously, you want to work with the most skilled events photographer in Kenya. This guide will show you how to land one. To begin with, evaluate their skills.

The Skills A Good Event Photographer Should Demonstrate

While in photography one does not necessarily need to enroll in a class, you can tell if a photographer will deliver quality for your event if they demonstrate the following attributes:


A committed person loves their job and will do all it takes to deliver. A committed photographer is the kind who values the output they give after covering your event. So, find out if they are ready to put all the effort required to ensure your photos meet your expectations.


Photography is a visual discipline that requires great attention to detail. Your event is most likely to have many things happening all at once, including your guests moving around. A great photographer has a keen eye for detail and will not miss out on your event’s most valued highlights. You can check this attribute by looking at their past works.


Image by Clinet Media

Technical Skills

Due to the increase in demand for events coverage in Nairobi and in the rest of the country, many people are buying the necessary equipment, some so high end, and posing as experts in events photography. Be careful not to fall for such. Explore all the options available that will help you tell if a photographer has the technical skills needed to do this kind of work. That includes their portfolio. 


Since photography is about capturing an event to make a lasting memory, you will need to book a photographer who can create remarkable backgrounds for your events photos. A creative photographer will guide your guests during photo sessions and choose which scenes in your entire setting are best-suited for these photos. Listen keenly to your potential photographer to know how they plan to make the photos better and memorable.


Image by Clinet Media; Ababu Namwamba


Events usually involve many people, some who could be your superiors in the case of a corporate event. So, timekeeping is a vital thing to consider when choosing your photographer. You don’t want them to show up late after your key guests have spoken or when the event’s highlights are done and forgotten. You can find this out by speaking to their previous clients. 


Just like in any other task, an experienced person is more likely to deliver quality work than a beginner.  A beginner photographer might ruin your chance of having great pictures and this could go to an extent of ruining your name if this is a corporate event. You can gauge one’s experience by looking at their portfolio, specifically events they have covered before.

Do They Have The Resources Needed For Event Photography

After choosing the ideal photographer for your event in Nairobi or anywhere else in Kenya, the next thing you will want to consider is if they have the equipment needed to deliver stellar work. 

Do they own them or outsource from another place?  Either way, make sure they have the capacity to get all the right gear needed to cover your event from start to end. Some events will require more sophisticated and large equipment so make sure they are capable of meeting this need as well. Do not assume or ignore this, after-all it is in part your responsibility to do due-diligence.


Image by Clinet Media; Conference Photography

Some of the common equipment needed for professional photography in Nairobi, Kenya that you will want to know if they possess include:

1. Cameras

Your photographer should be equipped with enough cameras to cover the entire event. They should at least have one for the podium, one for cutaways and a backup camera should one of the others fail – but all this is dependent on nature, type and size of event. Different events have unique demands. 

2. Lenses

Different lenses have different effects on your photos when used appropriately. This is because some lenses can only make good photos when used at close quarters while others need space. If shooting in tiny spaces, a wide lens might be required for the technical challenge, if picking out guests from crowds, a zoom lens might be more appropriate. 

3. Chargers/ Batteries

A good photographer will be equipped with a power plan in case any of the gadgets go off before your event is over. For rechargeable options, they should carry an extra battery so that when one is in use, one can charge and so on. Such a simple task can really tell you a lot about a photographer. 

4. Storage Backup

A good camera will bring you down with it if its only memory gets full. Your photographer can’t click away any more. To avoid such inconveniences, check prior to the event that your photographer has ample storage space like backup memory cards. You do not get a second chance at events photography. One its done, its done. Doing your homework is therefore super important given the stakes. 
Other equipment to take note of include:

  • Lighting equipment (depending on the location and time of the event)
  • Tripod
  • Off Camera Flashes

If you are armed with all this information, it shouldn’t be difficult to find an expert in meeting and Conferences photography in Kenya or even corporate events photography. Alternatively, you could save yourself all the trouble by speaking to our team at Clinet Media. We are ready to answer all the questions you may have and make sure your event is a success.