Of the many things customers care about, your professionalism, uniqueness, and personality as a business sit at the top of their list. Deep into their hearts and minds is an image moulded by these three elements. And that’s what’s going to stay with them whenever they interact with your business. 

What I find great and motivating about this situation is you have a chance to shape it. “How?” You may ask. It’s simple: corporate photography and videography. 

Corporate Photography by Clinet Media

Image by Clinet Media; Corporate Photography

Basically, this is visual content, the kind that sits on the same shelf line as your other income-generating assets. Time and again, they continue to prove their significant role in branding, sales, and marketing. You may not have given it much thought about corporate photography in Nairobi, Kenya, but this is your chance to change that and I’ll show you why.

Take Your Branding To The Next Level

Your visual identity as a business comprises many elements beyond the typical color, logo, and fonts. Corporate photography is another key part of it.

Usually, these neat clear and vivid images that represent your brand visually have to fit with other elements of your brand, like color, tone, etc.  The images could be those of your team; company leaders; corporate portraits; corporate headshots; an office photoshoot; products; space, environment and architecture; processes; among other unique aspects of your business.

Process photography by Clinet Media

Image by Clinet Media; Zoros Cool Drinking Water

You can use these images in many places – both online and offline. Examples are your website, social media platforms, ads, email newsletters, business card, brochures, and other business publications.

If the business images are relatable and human, people will definitely be attracted to them and probably want to be part of the experience. More than that, the goal here is to establish a distinct image of your brand in people’s mind achieved through photographic branding. A perfect case in point is Coca-Cola. 

Another thing is the first impression. It usually forms in just milliseconds. If your brand is presented well visually, a person will be wowed and impressed in that short span.

Through professional photography, you also have a chance to achieve brand consistency by having the visual content that defines your brand work together.  When the image that goes into the customer’s mind is consistent, it becomes easier to raise your brand visibility.

A Key Part Of Sales & Marketing 

Visual content continues to set the pace in digital marketing. In fact, the engagement they attract is much better than what you would get from text-only content. 

Currently, there seems to be no better way to communicate your brand/business story than through images and videos. In all the top online platforms – websites and social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, posts comprising visual content attract more shares/retweets, comments and other forms of engagement compared to those without (source: Hubspot)

Corporate photography doubles up as a strategic marketing technique that has not just true intention and value but also results. You can use it to showcase what you offer. The trick is to have images that can visually communicate well to the potential customer. 

Normally, before deciding to purchase a product, a consumer expects to see every important detail of the product. If your product photos match their expectations, you stand a better chance of converting them into customers. And when your product imagery wins their attention or captivates them, you might just close that sale with little effort.

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Commercial photography by Clinet Media

Image by Clinet Media; Commercial Photography

What else will Corporate Photography and Videography help you achieve? Take a look:

  • It will give you a chance to highlight what’s unique about your business e.g. how products are made/designed, what’s special about your workplace (through corporate culture photography), etc.
  • You can use the images to advertise your business/brand to the masses through social media, your website, email marketing, or offline techniques like brochures
  • Through photographic branding, you will be able to build a community of loyal customers who believe, trust, and relate to your brand.
  • Corporate photography will easily help you achieve that ultimate professional look. Through top-grade imagery, consumers will get the impression that you are about quality and professionalism. Part of what they will perceive is that you care about portraying your business as a serious entity.

Now, it might have crossed your mind that you could just snap a few shots of your office, team, or products, post them on your online platforms and you will be just fine. But let’s not forget that photography plays a huge role in the growth of your brand. It’s part of a strategic plan that needs the right skill to develop and execute, most preferably a person or agency that understands how the various visual content can impact a business. If you have nowhere to turn to, trust Clinet media to take you through corporate photography in Nairobi, Kenya, from the start to completion.  Talk to us today.