Your big day is around the corner and you are probably wondering “How do I Make It More Beautiful & Memorable?”

Dozens of guides have been made about how to choose the best wedding photographer in Nairobi for your wedding day. Thank goodness this is not one of them. But I understand that this matters to many so I’ll briefly look into that before letting you in on more other tips.

Wedding in Nairobi Clinet Media

David and Haizol Wedding in Nairobi. Photo by Clinet Media

Now, let’s face it. A wedding photo album sits at the top with all the other important things about your wedding, like your bride or groom. Today we explore the little-known and obvious things that you can do as a bride, groom, or wedding planner to get the most out of your wedding photos.

1. Pick A Photographer You Like & Trust

Months or even a year before your wedding date, begin your search for a talented wedding photographer. You can start by asking couples who recently got married for recommendations.

Take your search to social media as well – Instagram, Facebook, etc. A search term like ‘wedding videography in Nairobi’ or ‘wedding photography in Nairobi’ can yield results that could turn into leads. 

Some of the best Kenyan photographers have online platforms, mostly websites, where they post galleries of their past works. Check out such spaces as well. 

If possible, never miss a chance to attend a wedding you have been invited to. Pay attention to the photographers present and take note of those you would like to have a word with. 

Posing for your wedding pictures should never feel strange or forced. So let your first choice be a photographer you like, trust, and feel relaxed around. This way, you will have an easy time during your wedding shoot, and your photos will look more authentic. 

2. Scout The Photo Locations Early Enough 

Spare some time and tour the locations you feel will yield the best wedding photos. That includes the venue for your wedding ceremony, reception, and photo locations. You can do this with the help of a photographer who knows more about wedding photography in Nairobi and beyond or a wedding planner.

Pay attention to the details. A common mistake most of us make is assuming that just because it’s a beach, a rustic private estate, an ancient fortress, a castle, or a garden, then it’s automatically fine for wedding photography or videography.    

You obviously want your photos to be warm, lively, and dynamic. So as you scout the locations, asses the quality of lighting as well. It’s one of the most important ingredients in photography. If it’s not enough, consider a location or figure out ways to have additional lighting.

Wedding Photography by Clinet Media

Wedding Photography by Clinet Media

3. Create A Mood Board 

One way to help your photographer deliver personalized photos is to create a mood board. This is an idea board where you display your favorite photos. You can do it on a website or an app such as Pinterest.

When your photographer assesses it, he/she will visually understand your preferences, personality, and other related aspects. And with such information in mind, they will be able to know what you are more likely to like or dislike during your shoot.

4. Embrace The Unexpected 

Before the wedding, try to have a good back up plan. Sit down with a planner, list down situations likely to happen, along with possible solutions. The last thing you want are photos that trigger the nasty memories of your wedding day. 

However, even with thorough planning, there’s a chance something could go wrong on your wedding day. It’s not immune to surprises. But that should not make you panic. Let the day be what it is.

Be it sulky weather, stains on your dress/suit, a power blackout, or events going off the schedule, embrace it all and remember to always be creative and open to new ideas. In fact, consider the surprises a chance to add spontaneity to your wedding and make it uniquely yours. 

Wedding Photography in Nairobi Kenya

Wedding Photography in Nairobi Kenya by Clinet Media

5. Plan! Plan! Plan!

However obvious this may sound, create a wedding day plan. You don’t want to end up rushing to do everything, leaving your photographer to chase you around, with little to no time to even prepare for a shot.

If you have a wedding planner, let them help you with that. Squeeze in enough time to spare. Remember, surprises might happen and throw you off your timeline. You will also want time to simply chill out and soak in the moment.

Your plan should include a schedule of the entire day, complete with the specifics such as who the bridesmaids and groomsmen are, the time slot for hair and makeup, when the bride will leave the ceremony, the wedding location, where you will position yourself during the wedding, etc. 

Go ahead to share and discuss it with your photographer. You may be tempted to leave some aspects to luck, but don’t. Make it possible for you and the photographer to always be in the right place at the right time. This way, you will end up with incredible photos at every stage of your wedding.

Grace and McDonald Wedding by Clinet Media

Grace and McDonald Wedding in Nairobi by Clinet Media

At Clinet media, we are ready to take all the trouble out of your hands and help you navigate this space with ease. We are passionate about making your big day a success through timeless imagery! Talk to us today!

All the best on your wedding day!