Say you want to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa for a holiday and you are faced with a decision of what transport services company to use for your journey. You decide to do some little research, online of course, on the various options available before you make a decision. What would you most likely be looking at before making a decision? – I may not know what your bias in travel is, but I will tell you this point of fact, rarely would anyone be looking to find out whether agency A or B can get you from Nairobi to Mombasa, I mean why would you. Everyone naturally assumes an approved travel agency will get you to your destination. What you will probably be looking at and comparing are things like; Is the staff friendly? Is their vehicle comfortable? What are people saying about safety? What about keeping time? on and on with things of that nature.

This little story superbly captures the conversion process of a prospective customer into a paying customer in the Hair, beauty and spa business. When customers are looking for a salon, a place to get a haircut or just to get their nails done, it is not just the final look that matters, the whole experience that gets them to the final result matters too – a lot in fact. Hair and beauty shops, even the most basic in your local area have become increasingly creative in the way they treat and pamper their customers to make them feel comfortable with a hope of creating customer loyalty. This is the new trend and if you are running a Salon or spa, especially an executive space in nature then these are developments you are well too familiar.

Image by Clinet Media: Fusion Hair Studio and Spa

When customers walk into an executive salon, barbershop, spa etc. they expect more than just the service, they anticipate an experience, a pampering like no other – the final result should be a mere by-product of the whole process. Most executive spaces, the good ones, do it really well and even the local ones at our Nairobi neighborhoods are trying what I would assume is their best to get it right. Therefore, the observation that more executive spaces are becoming increasingly similar in superior service delivery becomes crystal clear. How then can a Hair, Beauty and Spa business differentiate itself in the market?


Like we always say, it is not enough to be the best, in order to create a loyal tribe of customers, you additionally need to show them that you are the best. And one of the ways we have found to be exceedingly effective in telling your story and showing your customers how much better you are is through making creative marketing videos of your Salon, Beauty shop or space.

Image by Clinet Media: Massage Area Fusion Hair Studio

The bottom line is, unless your model revolves around sending stylists to customer location, you need customers to fall in love with your space. This is why you have very likely gone great lengths and spared no costs at ensuring the internal décor, display and design of your space is just impeccable. A video will easily and quickly give your target audience reason to visit and get service at your place as opposed to some competitor they probably have never heard of.  The video must focus on showing why customers should choose you, why they should walk in and begin a long-term relationship with you. Since persons are almost naturally attached to their current stylists, this may sound like a tall order, but with the right video team with experience making effective videos for executive salons, spas and barbershops this should be a conquerable exercise.

At Clinet Media, when tasked to make such video, and we have made quite a number, here is what we focus on;

Spaces, Lighting, Décor

For an executive salon or barbershop, how the space looks is a major influence on how prospective customers feel about your service. The end result of video must be an open-huge-spaces perspective when viewed. People hate tiny spaces especially salons since they can sometimes get hot and uncomfortable given that you may have to sit there for hours receiving service. The clean designs, artwork on walls, glass doors, creative lighting, subtle branding on towels and staff uniforms must all be in focus. This is the part which demonstrates beauty of the whole setup to the viewer. It gives the place style, character and authenticity.

Image by Clinet Media: SAYA Barbershop | Salon | Spa

The Comfortable process

You have to remember, much as the pampering process and the environment is beautiful, the customer has come in for a specific service. Using our initial analogy, they need to go from point A to point B. You cannot afford to not show your target audience how they will be treated from the moment they walk in to the point they leave. Show them the friendly staff, the comfortable fluffy chairs, the gentle massages, and how they will look afterwards. This is the part that should do most of the selling.

Superior gadgets

Should you happen to have any equipment, machines and/or gadgets that make you better at service delivery, then you have to show them on video. They don’t have to be out of this world or even unique to you, they just have to communicate the message of quality service delivery.

Having a beautiful executive space is good, delivering quality service is better – but having to showcase both in a quality marketing video is the best way to drive traffic to your business.