If you are a property owner or part of a real estate agency tasked with selling houses especially in a city like Nairobi, then you know giving tours to prospective customers of the show house and/or whole property is a time demanding job. You have to welcome every single prospect to property, take them round the house to every single room, explain features, and answer all questions they might be having about the property. On average, the shortest real estate tours can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes while long ones can last hours. But like any other sales process, not all tours – in fact – most house tours do not result in actual sales. A good percentage of the so-called prospective customers who come in to view the property are mostly just curious people who want to see what the house looks like and perhaps what the asking price is. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

You will agree with me however, that this makes the already complex real estate sales process even more cumbersome and honestly monstrously undisciplined for the modern business world where efficiency and especially using technology to shorten the sales process is the desired goal.

As a property owner, as a real estate agency looking to sale, it consequently becomes a necessity to look for an efficient solution to save time, to satisfy the ‘just curious’ prospective customers who may never convert to actual sales while carefully bringing the property even more closer to ‘serious’ prospects who are likely to buy the house. How can this duality be achieved?

Image by Clinet Media: Parkwood Villas, Mombasa Road

There could be more than one answer depending on who you ask like most things in life, but for us at Clinet Media, we have streamlined this process for real estate agencies and property owners across Kenya through the creation of quality, straight-to-the-point real estate tour videos which highlight all that is to be told about a property. For realtors we have worked with, a tour video of house for sale serves the proverbial killing of two birds with one stone; first it saves them lots of time that was otherwise to be spent giving house tours to customers who were never going to convert anyway. Second, video tours bring the house for sale in all its glamour to all prospective customers to check out over and over again on repeat mode on their mobile devices. All a real estate agent needs to do is simply send video to anyone requesting to view the house via say WhatsApp or Email. In our experience, mostly only the serious customers would follow up on it with an appointment for an actual onsite house tour. Time is saved, sales process is shortened.

If you are thinking this sounds like a rather straightforward solution for real estate agencies and property owners in an attempt to move their sales process to the 21st century, you would be right. Even so, not all real estate videos – and they are many out there – are actually useful in achieving the desired goal of showing-off property to prospective customers. We have seen some that totally miss the whole point of a house video tour. As a real estate property owner or agency, you have to know, some real estate videos are created to help you turbocharge sales while others are frankly a waste of your time and hard-earned money.

For you to have a video that drives sales, you have to search and select a videography team which understands real estate branding, marketing and storytelling. In our years of storytelling through videography for property developers and real estate agencies, here is what we believe goes into the making of an effective real estate video;

Focus on major features

At the end of the day, it is a house, with rooms, doors, walls and all other things you’d expect to find in a house. As such, for an effective video you will have to focus on the major features which make your listing unique. Is it the huge living area spaces? Is it the state-of-the-art finishing? Is it the unique location? – whatever it is, ensure your real estate video captures and deliberately focuses on it. This is what is going to tip the scale in your favor in a flooded property market where buyers have almost limitless options. There’s no point in having a video which focuses on the ordinary. Show them, show it all, but your emphasis must be on items which get your prospects excited enough to want to book an appointment and spare a day in their very busy schedule to come down to your property for a tour.

Image by Clinet Media: Centric Villas Kiambu Road

Tell them about family and community

Don’t sale a house, sale a home. When selling a house, it is easy to get lost in the technicalities of marketing with lots of time spent explaining the features, spaces and the quality of finishing. This is good, but remember for your customer, they are not just buying a house, they are buying a home where they will probably raise a family and perhaps spend decades of their good years in.

Your video should therefore tell them, in a subtle kind of way, of the memories they are likely to create in this place, tell them of the countless exciting family dinners, the huge parties they are likely to hold inside the huge living areas, the love they will share. The video must tell a story of family otherwise it risks failing to connect with your target customers.

Image by Clinet Media: Parkwood Villas Mombasa Road

Even more, tell them why they would be proud to be a part of the neighborhood, the amenities, resources and infrastructure set to make their daily life efficient. The video must communicate the message of a friendly welcoming community – all round.

Quality must be impeccable

This goes without saying, but I must mention its importance. The quality of your real estate video greatly influences how prospective customers feel about your property on sale. There is so much competition in the real estate space and you definitely do not want to add a mediocre video in the list of your struggles to make sales. At the very least, do the courtesy of giving interested persons a decent video.

A poor-quality video is disadvantageous in two ways; One, your customers will likely think you are not a serious real estate agency or property developer. I mean, if you cannot take the time to properly showcase your property, why would they be confident that the house for sale is of high quality in the first place. Second, your customers just won’t be able to see what you need them to see – simple. If your intention is to show quality of the finishing and other little details which justify your asking price, you have to invest in quality video.

Image by Clinet Media; Parkwood Villas Mombasa Road

An effective real estate video can shorten your sales process, it can save you lots of time, and most importantly, it can easily and most efficiently bring your property for sale close to your target customers in ways previously unimaginable. If you are in the business of selling real estate property, a video tour is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

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